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Join Scouting: Visit   Donate to the WD Boyce Council, BSA   Join WD Boyce Family Society

Life-changing, adventure, leadership, family, fun...
That's what the WD Boyce Family Society is all about!

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Join WD Boyce Family Society

You can make all these possible for youth in your area by supporting the W. D. Boyce Family Society.  Thanks to the financial support provided by you and those who share your commitment, the W. D. Boyce Council will continue to provide high-quality local Scouting programs, camps, high adventure, and character-building activities. Your combined generosity creates multiple positive impacts on today's Scouting youth, generations following in their footsteps and within your community at large.

How it Works
As a W. D. Boyce Family Society member, you provide a regular monthly gift that is automatically charged to your debit or credit card, in an amount of YOUR choosing that fits with YOUR family budget. (For logistical purposes, the minimum monthly amount is $5.00)

Monthly giving is a hassle-free, affordable way to provide a big impact. Having a reliable stream of support allows W. D. Boyce Council to plan and execute programs with confidence - and enables you to deliver the promises of Scouting in Central Illinois. That ongoing support has a very positive impact: Knowing we can count on receiving your gift every month allows us to plan and execute essential, exciting year-round programming for our Scouts.

When you invest in Scouting you are changing lives, building confidence in youth, supporting young entrepreneurs, providing outdoor adventures, and sustaining the future of local Scouting in Central Illinois.

It's simple to become a member... commit to putting a little bit each month into what will become a major sponsorship in the years to come. 

You can learn for yourself why others have joined this Society, simply by asking any Scout, "What does the Scout Law mean to you?"  Those twelve simple words will stand the test of time, just like your commitment to the W. D. Boyce Family Society. 

And joining is as simple as one click away.

Just click here or on the green button at the top of every page on the WD Boyce website.  Take a look:

Join WD Boyce Family Society


Sponsor Levels:

Your sponsor dollar gets you more than just a name on things. Depending on your donation level, you will receive a formal W. D. Boyce Family Society "Thank You" that you can display to show others that you are making a difference every month.

Any Amount - Decal and Newsletter
$20 a month - W. D. Boyce Family Society Patch
$31 a month - W. D. Boyce Family Society CSP
$42 a month - W. D. Boyce Family Society Summer Picnic

Monthly donations automatically reoccur on the date of your first donation each month.  

Want to learn more?
Click here for the W. D. Boyce Family Society Information Sheet

View the 2021 Family Society Campaign Video

Ready to join? Click the Family Society button here or at the top of the page:

Join WD Boyce Family Society

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