The 2019 Popcorn Season is in the Unit Planning Stage!


What should a Unit do in the Unit Planning Stage?

1. Sign Up for the 2019 Popcorn Season using the 2019 Popcorn Commitment Form.

2. Enter Popcorn Season Dates into your Unit Program Planning Calendar; use the Kernel Quick Guide to Popcorn 2019 

3. Confirm your Show-n-Sell date and hours with your Unit's favorite locations.

REMEMBER to get this in writing and add these dates to the Unit's Program Planning Calendar, too.

4. Schedule a weekend for your Unit's Neighborhood Blitz.

5. Create your Popcorn Season Kickoff activities and handouts.

The sale begins on September 13th!

Important Dates

August 26th

Show-n-Sell Order Due 

September 13th and 14th                                                

Show-n-Sell Distribution

October 25th LAST DAY to Return Popcorn (Full, unopened cases ONLY)
October 28th

Take Order, Orders DUE Prize/Patch Orders DUE Top Seller Scouts DUE

November 8th and 9th Take Order Distribution Weekend
November 15th Last Day for Invoice correction/inquiries 
December 6th Popcorn Payment DUE

Helpful Links:

2019 Popcorn Commitment Form

Kernel Quick Guide to Popcorn 2019

2019 Unit Information Sheets

2019 Full Popcorn Guide

Prize Order Form 

Prize Sheet (Front) 

Prize Sheet (Back)

Pecatonica River Online Popcorn Sales

Popcorn Roundtable Flyer

    Popcorn Team

    Crossroads North

    Mike Kraynak


    Counties: Northern McLean, Livingston, Ford

    Heartland North





    Abby Kirby



    Counties: Bureau, Putnam, LaSalle

    Crossroads South

    Allison Weber


    Counties: Southern McLean, DeWitt, Logan

    Heartland South

    Kyle Kocher


    Counties: Fulton, Mason, Southern Peoria


    Collin Martis


    Counties: Woodford, Tazewell

    W. D. Boyce Service Center


    614 NE Madison Ave    Peoria, IL 61603

    (309) 673-6136

    W. D. Boyce Service Center


    203 E Locust St Ste. C Bloomington, IL 61701

    (309) 828-6983

    General Popcorn Questions:


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