What Is Exploring?

Exploring is the young adult program of Learning for Life.  Exploring offers career exploration programs for young men and women ages 14-21.  Participants join a specific program based on their career interests and gain hands on experience and career insight from professionals in their chosen field.  Activities vary but can include: job training, field trips, job shadowing, mentoring, group scenarios, case studies, "mock" practice job situations, real experiences, and more.

  • Exploring units, called posts, are run by volunteers from local organizations specializing in one of the career fields offered by Exploring.
  • Exploring is a dynamic, flexible program designed to help youth discover their career interests through hands-on experiences.
  • Exploring has career programs in the following twelve clusters:  

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Art & Humanities











Fire & Emergency Services






Law Enforcement



Law & Government






Skilled Trades



Social Scervices




Why should I join Exploring?

Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor or nurse? Maybe you’d prefer to be in the face-paced world of Law Enforcement or Fire Service? Do you love to cook and wonder if a position in culinary is the career for you? Ever consider what it’s like to be an attorney and try a case in front of actual judges? Did you ever wonder what it’s really like to be an engineer?

Exploring is a career-education/workforce development program that allows you to learn more about a particular career through hands-on activities led by people out in the "real world." The purpose of the program is to check out a career YOU are interested in.

Be ahead of the rest! Through Exploring you can find out what a career you’re interested in is really like, while also building your resume and gaining leadership experience.

Why wait until you're almost through college to find out what it's like in your field? Try Exploring today! 

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