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Webelos Woods

Webelos Woods
33 Knox Rd 650 E, London Mills, IL 61544
london mills, IL 61544, US
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Webelos Woods is a place where Troops come together in one location to meet the district Webelos and AOL's.

This gives the youth the ability to participate in a Troop led activity and to get to know the the Cub SCouts can
make an informed decision on which Troop to enter.  While the Scouts are leading the activity, parents have an opportunity to
meet other parents and ask questions about when the unit meets, what their activity schedules are like, and get to know the
basic workings of the unit. The point of 
Webelos Woods is to help families find a scout home after crossover.
We know crossover is the biggest point where scouts are lost. A lot of it is due to the closest unit not being the best fit.
Cub Scouts can also get a chance to work on their shooting sports, signing up for that as one of their sessions. 

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