Cache Lake

Cache Lake Camp is a Boy Scout camp owned by the W. D. Boyce Council, in Ontario, Canada. The camp is located 670 miles north of Bloomington, Illinois, approximately 8 miles via water, northeast of Crane Lake, Minnesota. This camping opportunity was started in 1963 - with all of the start-up and annual maintenance work conducted by dedicated volunteers.

How Do You Go?

You must attend the Camping Preview event, held in October; at this event, a drawing is held, where each unit receives one chance in the draw for 1 of 11 weeks available for this high adventure.  2019 Cache Lake Drawing is October 18, 2018 at Eureka Christian Church Click here to RSVP and more information.

Each unit qualified to attend Cache Lake Camp must fill out the drawing registration form. This form does not guarantee your unit a spot at Cache Lake Camp. By completing this form, your unit will be able to pick a drawing number


Already going to Cache Lake? CLICK HERE for the 2018 forms.


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