Boy Scouts Activity Guides


If your troop is looking for something different to do, or is trying to find locations they can use to work towards their advancements. Be sure to check out this guide! It can help troops find out what local places offer Scouting programs, it can help find new camping locations, and it can even help find some new places to complete service projects!

Boy Scouts Activity Guide PDF


There also is a nice summary of the parks within 70 miles of the Peoria area.  This summary shows the parks name and amenities (exhibits, trails, camping, water access, cabins, and pavilions). 

List of Peoria Parks PDF 


A more inclusive list of camps can be found in the "Where to Go Camping" Created by our Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge. This guide lists Illinois State Parks, Camping Awards, and Weekend, High Adventure, and Hiking ideas.  

Where to Go Camping

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