The 2017 Popcorn Season is in the UNIT PLANNING STAGE

What should a Unit do in the UNIT PLANNING STAGE?

1. Sign up for the 2017 Popcorn Season using the 2017 Popcorn Commitment Form

2. Enter Popcorn Season Dates into your Unit Program Planning Calendar; use the Unit Popcorn Kernel's Quick Guide's Timeline

3. Confirm your Show-n-Sell dates and hours with your Unit's favorite locations

  REMEMBER to get this in writing and add these dates to the Unit's Program Planning Calendar, too

4. Schedule a weekend for your Unit's Neighborhood Blitz

5. Create your Popcorn Season Kickoff activities and handouts



    Did you miss your Unit's April District Roundtable's Popcorn Planning Kickoff?

   Contact your Unit Serving Executive to get Unit specific information given at April Roundtables.


        The sale begins on SEPTEMBER 15, 2017!



Mark your Unit Calendar

June 30 - BONUS Commission Deadline: Program Planning & Membership Initiative 
(Succession Plan; Calendar; Budget; Popcorn Commitment Form; Popcorn Kickoff BEFORE October 1, 2017)

July 13 - Popcorn System Training & Popcorn Kickoff / July Roundtable [Host: Crossroads District]
(Unit Leaders can attend ANY Popcorn Training; regardless of District)

August 10 - Popcorn System Training & Popcorn Kickoff / August Roundtable [Host: Lowaneu District & Wotamalo District]

August 17 - Popcorn System Training & Popcorn Kickoff / August Roundtable [Host: Heartland District]

August 28 - Show-n-Sell Order Due Date

*September 14 - One Night School Night Recruitment

Helpful Links

2017 Popcorn Commitment Form

Unit Popcorn Kernel's Quick Guide

Popcorn Team

Crossroads North

Mike Kraynak  

Heartland North

Jessica Thomas  


Michael Charlesworth  

Crossroads South

Allison Weber

Heartland South

Kyle Kocher


Nicky Halvorson

Council Popcorn Administrator

Diann Franklin

W. D. Boyce Council

614 NE Madison Ave Peoria, IL 61603

(309) 673-6136

203 E Locust St Ste. C Bloomington, IL 61701

(309) 828-6983

Council Popcorn Kernel

Amber Gruenloh-Luecke



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