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Working Together to Keep Scouting Going!

The W. D. Boyce Council’s top priority is the health and safety of our Staff, Volunteers, Scouts, and their Families.  Thank you for your patience and commitment to the youth and families we serve. 

In the meantime, here are some ideas on how we can keep Scouting going! 

Scouting YouTube Channels

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Scouts BSA Social Safety Health Award 

Help Scouts understand the science behind advice given by health departments and government agencies and the reasoning behind their actions.  The intended audience for this lesson is grades 6-12. (Login as "Guest" via the link above.)



Activities to #ScoutAtHome 

Here are resources for families looking to engage their children in Scouting and/or educational activities while at home.

The Merits of At-Home Scouting 

Councils Get Creative as Scouts are Required to Stay Home. Read about it!


Complete a 30 Day Challenge!

Cub Scout 30 Day Challenges:






Scouts BSA 30 Day Challenge

Tenderfoot 30 Day Challenge

Second Class 30 Day Challenge

First Class 30 Day Challenge

Venturing 30 Day Challenge


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