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To help carry out the operational mission of the council, the council territory is divided geographically into districts as determined by the executive board. The objectives of the district are to expand opportunities for youth to join Scouting, and to help existing chartered organizations and their units provide a quality program for their youth. The district is responsible for carrying out the sales and service role on behalf of the council. The council is responsible for building strong districts and for helping these districts succeed.

The supervision of Scouting in each district is exercised by the council through a district committee consisting of all council members residing within that district, chartered organization representatives, and district members at large who are elected by the district committee.


  Crossroads District: Serving DeWitt, Livingston, Logan, McLean, and part of Ford Counties
  Heartland District: Serving Fulton, Marshall, and Peoria Counties
  Lowaneu District: Serving Bureau, Putnam, and LaSalle Counties
  Wotamalo District: Mason, Tazewell, Woodford, and part of Logan Counties


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