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2021 OA Golden Kernel Program

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Wenasa Quenhotan

Golden Kernel Program

Now you can pay your annual lodge dues AND register for ALL THREE lodge events (Spring Fellowship, Fall Fellowship, Winter Banquet) at the same time.  It's the Golden Kernel program - a quick and easy way to make sure you are set for all of the fun, service, and fellowships of Wenasa Quenhotan lodge.  No more multiple online registrations or paper forms or late fees; just one easy payment for an entire year.  The Golden Kernel helps keep you active and connected!  

Get a special gift when you join

Every Golden Kernel member will receive a pin (like the one pictured above) as recognition for their commitment to the lodge.  Wear it proudly to show your dedication to quality lodge events and opportunities for Scouts.  

Here's how it works

Complete this Golden Kernel application BEFORE Spring Fellowship for:

  • Spring Fellowship (April 30 - May 2, 2021)
  • Fall Fellowship (October 8-10, 2021)
  • Winter Banquet the following year (January 8, 2022)
  • Annual dues for the following year

The Cost

$68* (general members)

*This is the same cost for a general member to register separately for each event and pay annual dues. 

If you anticipate completing your Brotherhood at any of the events or at ISR Summer Camp, include an additional $12 to cover Brotherhood costs.  

NOTE: There will be NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS of Golden Kernel memberships.  If you do not attend one or more of the events, or you do not complete your Brotherhood as anticipated, you will forfeit those fees.  Make the commitment and stay active in your lodge! 

Click here for Paper Form of the Golden Kernel Program

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