2019 OA Lodge Membership Dues

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Why should I pay dues? 

Dues keep you listed as an active member of Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge. Only active members will receive emailed/paper mailed information and newsletters, as well as count towards our annual lodge membership. You must also have paid your current dues in order to attend OA events hosted by the lodge throughout the year, such as Winter Banquet and Spring/Fall Fellowships, as well as other great opportunities that the OA can offer.

What is the purpose of dues? 

Dues help keep our lodge operating financially. The money you pay for dues goes towards many things - including publications, annual re-charter fees, inductions, service projects, and more. All of these costs help ensure that our Lodge Leadership is able to put on the best events that we can, and thus serve you better as a member.

How can I get involved more in the OA? 

There are many ways to get involved, and more information is always available on our lodge website. The best way to get involved, however, is to come to our fun lodge events. All Arrowmen are also welcome to attend the monthly Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings to learn more about opportunities to volunteer and get involved (see calendar on WQ23.org for more information).

Click here to download a paper form of 2019 OA Lodge Membership Dues

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