One Night School Recruitment

We are happy to announce that just under 1,500 new youth were recruited into Scouting on September 15th. 

Due to our recruitment efforts, we have recruited 2,249 new youth so far which is almost 43.37% more than 2015!

We are currently serving one out of every five elementary age boys in Cub Scouts.


  1. Lion - Kindergarten or 5 years old         
  2. Tiger - First grade or 7 years old
  3. Wolf - Second grade or 8 years old
  4. Bear - Third grade or 9 years old
  5. Webelos - Fourth grade or 10 years old
  6. Arrow of Light - Fifth grade or 11 years old

"Roar" Through Lions

Lion Guide Position Description

Cub Scouting is a year-round program that introduces boys and their parents to the world of Scouting. Through fun activities, challenging adventures, and community service projects, Cub Scouts make new friends and discover the importance of cooperation, citizenship, responsibility, and physical fitness in their every day lives. Cub Scouts partipate in: 
  • Pack meetings
  • Field trips
  • camping
  • the Pinewood Derby
  • Service projects in the community
  • And much more!

For more information about Cub Scouts visit:

All new and returning Scouts are invited back to the Cub Scout Launch, the first big event of the year! At each Cub Launch all the Scouts will have a chance to launch their rockets they recieved at sign-up nights. Visit to find out more.
To find out more information about Scouts or to sign up for Scouting in your area, call 1-800-369-5069
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