Arrowhead Honors

This award is earned by Commissioners as part of their efforts to earn the Commissioner Key.  Requires at least one year of Commissioner Service in your Commissioner position.  For requirements, see the Commissioner Key Progress Card below.


Commissioner Key

The Commissioner's Key recognizes Commissioners who have taken the recommended training for these positions and have achieved a high standard of performance over a three-year period.


Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

This is a recognition for all levels of Commissioner Service and requires 5 years of service and performance as a Commissioner.


Commissioner of Science Knot Award and Degree Progess Sheet (PDF Filable)

Boys' Life Commissioner Award

The purpose of the Boys' Life Commissioner Award is to recognize all commissioners who successfully promote 100% Boys Life Units. A unit qualifies as a 100% Boys' Life Unit when a subscription to Boys' Life goes into the home of each member. All registered commissioners who qualify can earn this award.

  • Boys' Life Commissioner Award
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