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July 6, 2021

Cub Scout Pool Party

Cub Scout Pool Party at ISR- Aug. 8

Join us for the last big Cub Scout Event before school starts! Enjoy a day out at Ingersoll Scout Reservation- earn a belt-loop, race a life sized cardboard boat and go swimming! Sign up as a pack or just with you and your Scout. 

More info and registration: HERE

Volunteers Needed! If interested- email:


Ingersoll Scout Reservation

Ingersoll Scout Reservation

Troops and Staff get back to normal after Week 2 was cancelled due to damages caused by a large storm and tornado. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff that have helped us get back to a safe and operational camp! 

Week  25 News Article



Popcorn Season is ALMOST HERE!! Sale starts August 26! Earn up to 40% commission for your unit!

Popcorn Commitment Forms Due June 30, 2021. Email to

Commitment Form PDF

Base Commission: 30%

Program Planning Commission: 3% - Program plans are due to your commissioner or District Executive by July 31

Membership Commission: 5%- Increase membership 5% by September 30. Numbers based on 2021 Charter

Cash Option: 2%

Prize Option Total Potential Commission: 38% Cash Option Total Potential Commission: 40%

Show and Sell Orders: Due August 13! Show and sell products will be distributed Aug. 26-28. 

Popcorn Kickoff Events For Popcorn Kernels: Web. July 14 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Peoria and Bloomington Scout Service Centers. Stop in to receive tasting kits, important dates, information on training and some snacks and treats! 

Training for Kernels: Wed. July 28 5pm-6pm via zoom. Link will be emailed to all kernels. 


More info:




W. D. Boyce Family Society

We NEED your help! Our families have already raised over $34,000 to support our council! Thank you to all who have contributed.

However, we are still $24,000 away from hitting our goal.

The W. D. Boyce Family Society sponsors program development, resources for families, Scout Service Center support and help, recruitment resources for units, and ensures that all youth who want to join Scouting get that chance.

Click here to find out more and make your contribution.

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