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April 1, 2021

Cub Scout Summer Camp

Visit to find information on all 2021 Cub Scout Summer Camps!

Troop 91 - Seabase Trip

There are two slots open for youth to attend a Sea Base Out Island Adventure.  Troop 91 in Chillicothe, IL has two crews going and each one has one youth slot open.  For information on Sea Base Out Island Adventure click here.   

The Trip is from June 5-14 and the cost will be around $1450 including Sea Base fees, Travel expenses, food, and some spending money.  Scouts must be 13 past the 8th Grade or 14 years old to participate in the Trip.  

For more information or to join the trip contact Karl Belter, Troop 91 Scoutmaster at  


W. D. Boyce Family Society

Life-changing, adventure, leadership, family, fun.  You can make all these possible for youth in your area by supporting the W. D. Boyce Family Society.  It's simple to become a member... commit to putting a little bit each month into what will become a major sponsorship in the years to come. 

The W. D. Boyce Family Society supports the Mission of the Scouting Programs in the W. D. Boyce Council.  The sponsorship aids in program development, growth in resources made available to the scouting families and the means to ensure that all opportunities are provided to the Scouts of our Council.  Click here to find out more and make a start your sponsorship to the W. D. Boyce Family Society today!